Huisstijl de Pintelier

ELS – The house whirling down thru dust – exits lower right –

ELS — The house whirls in at top — floats down thru —

ELS — The house floating down thru clouds —

MLS — Dorothy and Toto lying on bed — the house crashes to ground —
Dorothy screams — she looks around — then gets up off the bed — goes to
b.g. — picks up the basket — opens door —

MCS — Dorothy walks forward — looking around o.s. — CAMERA PANS as she
walks to right f.g. — exits —

Int. Farm House — MCS — Dorothy enters from l.f.g. and opens the door
to reveal Munchkinland — CAMERA BOOMS forward through the door and around
to the right — to shoot down on FULL SHOT of Civic Center of the Munchkin
Village — Dorothy looks around confused by it all —

MLS — Dorothy with Toto in her arms looks about the Village and speaks —
Munchkins rise before camera in f.g. and watch her —

Toto — I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas